Caution While Using Flat Iron at Home

Published: 21st April 2010
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For the straightening of wavy and unmanageable hair, using flat irons is highly effective other than using combs and dryers. But the usage of these devices at home without being aware of the basics and major rules can lead to various ill effects such as drying, falling, split ends and different other hair damage issues. Lack of proper knowledge may harm your hair or injure yourself. So, before experimenting, you require to learn about the do's and don't about thermal hair stylers. Mentioned below are some simple tips that have to be followed while straightening hair at home.

Hair straightening using flat iron is not a difficult job. When practiced safely and properly, it can be performed to acquire different beautiful styles by flipping, twisting, and curling. Before beginning the process, the first step is the selection of a fine straightener that can give you good results without any hair damages. Keep in mind to buy a device that is suited to your hair type. These are a number of styling tools available in the market today, but choosing tourmaline or ceramic models will be the best option. Both these devices offer less hair damage because of the presence of negative ions, which can reduce frizz and give extra shine and appeal. As tourmaline rods are known to contain more negative irons than ceramic, choosing tourmaline would be better alternative. You can also opt for a styler with a combination of ceramic and tourmaline materials. Not at all go for fake devices labeled "ceramic coated".

While using a straightening tool at home, another important thing to remember is the temperature control. The majority modern digital styling tools contain automatic temperature fixing facility to aid you to control the heat so that you will not burn your hair. According to the type of your hair, set the temperature. In the case of thick and curly types, you need more heat than normal type. Always use styling irons on properly combed dry hair in sections only. Before applying a straightener, remember to protect hair using heat protection products like sprays and lotions containing natural moisturizers. Regular shampooing and conditioning is also advised.

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